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Fashionpay‌ Network‌ Technology‌ Company‌ ‌ is‌ an‌ independent‌ Third-Party‌ Payments‌ company.‌ Our‌ company‌ specializes‌ in‌ application‌ requirements‌ of‌ e-business,‌ uses‌ advanced‌ technology,‌ excellent‌ security‌ and‌ risk‌ management‌ support‌ system‌ to‌ build‌ well-established‌ network‌ payment‌ service‌ system,‌ sets‌ up‌ online‌ payment‌ channels‌ among‌ businesses‌ in‌ China‌ and‌ global‌ financial‌ institutions,‌ provides‌ safe,‌ convenient‌ and‌ confidential‌ professional‌ electronic‌ payment‌ services‌ and‌ payment‌ solutions‌ to‌ all‌ types‌ of‌ businesses‌ and‌ individuals.‌

Fashionpay‌ has‌ formed‌ strategic‌ partnerships‌ with‌ domestic‌ famous‌ enterprises‌ as‌ well‌ as‌ dozens‌ of‌ banks‌ in‌ China,‌ such‌ as‌ Industrial‌ and‌ Commercial‌ Bank‌ of‌ China,‌ Agricultural‌ Bank‌ of‌ China,‌ Bank‌ of‌ China,‌ China‌ Construction‌ Bank,‌ and‌ China‌ Merchants‌ Bank.‌ It‌ also‌ has‌ a‌ wide‌ range‌ of‌ business‌ cooperation‌ with‌ numerous‌ international‌ credit‌ card‌ organizations,‌ Visa,‌ MasterCard,‌ JCB‌ etc.,‌ and‌ has‌ established‌ good‌ relations‌ of‌ cooperation‌ with‌ them.‌

Fashionpay‌ payment‌ products‌ launched‌ in‌ RMB‌ crebit‌ cards,‌ credit‌ card‌ payment‌ and‌ Visa,‌ Master‌ Card,‌ JCB‌ and‌ other‌ international‌ 3D,‌ non-3D‌ online‌ credit‌ card‌ payment.‌

Fashionpay‌ headquarters in Shenzhen, with branch offices in many China cities. Our company-the elite management team, which is composed of a senior management staff by a third party payment, excellent financial sector, and top technical staff creates a "the most professional," "the most secure "," best service "online payment platform with "efficient and safe, quality service" as a concept. ‌

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